Device May Allow the Deaf to Hear Through Their Fingertips

and Many More Inspiring Ideas (June 4, 2019)

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Arts & Culture

These Balloon Dresses Are Taking Over the Internet

Generate Lyrics from Your Favorite Artist

This Human Mouth-Shaped Coin Purse is Uncomfortably Realistic

A People Map of the US, Where City. Names Are Replaced by Their Most Wikipedia'ed Resident

Majestic New Bookstore Opens in Chonqing, China

Adobe and Pantone are Working to Save Coral Reefs in a New Campaign with the Ocean Agency


Rearview App for Laptop Camera Reveals When Someone is Creeping Behind You

"Siri, I'm Getting Pulled Over": A Shortcut for iPhones Can Automatically Record the Police

This Handbag Can Call You an Uber and Find Your Phone

This AI Generates New Remixes of Jai Paul...Forever

IKEA is Working on Robotic Furniture for Small Apartments

Apple Watch is Getting a Noise Detection App to Save Your Hearing

These Flying Animal Robots Are Real and Magnificent

These Designers Want to Hide a Cryptocurrency Mining Farm in a Skyscraper Water Park

Uncrewed Deep-Sea Robots Will Help Map the World's Oceans

German Circus Uses Holograms Instead Of Live Animals For A Cruelty-Free Magical Experience


Device May Allow the Deaf to Hear Through Their Fingertips

Tesla Will Sell Roadster with SpaceX Thrusters in 2020

Drones Could Spray Your Next House Out of a Hose

MIT's Sensor-Packed Glove Helps AI Identify Objects by Touch

New Gene-Editing Method Could Lead to Creation of a Super-Bab

These Little Silica Hexagons Are Like Super-Advanced Lego Bricks

New Injectable Cartilage Could Revolutionize Plastic Surgery

MIT's Self-Assembly Lab May Have Found a Way to "Grow" Islands

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